On this page I have listed website, art, and design resources that I use regularly.

Some of these resources are affiliate partner links. If you click on them and make a purchase, I might earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. I include these links to help offset the costs of maintaining this website, but I only share ones that I use and feel comfortable suggesting to others.

Website Resources

Web Domain

I have purchased domains from Namecheap since 2009 or earlier. They offer free privacy protection and great deals on stable SSL certificates.

Web Hosting

Namecheap has also become my primary choice for shared web hosting. I feel that their hosting service has improved over the years to the point where it is comparable to Siteground hosting.

Design Resources

  • Adobe Software is not as intimidating as it might seem. If you take your time, follow tutorials, and then practice, you can learn how to navigate this software.
  • Creative Market is a great resource for unique graphics, stock photos, website themes, fonts, and more.
  • Envato is the parent company of Graphic River, ThemeForest, and more design asset websites. You can find almost anything you need there. Just scroll to the bottom of the page for quick links by usage category.

Skills Development

  • Skillshare has opened up many new doors for me. I have relearned how to draw and paint, how to use technical software, and taken some classes for personal development and relaxation. With my link, you get access to two free months of Premium membership.
  • CreativeLive is another platform I value. Their classes are even more focused on creative professional development. Each week a number of classes are aired for free. You can also purchase full classes and learning tracks.
  • On CreativeBug you can develop skills related painting, sewing, quilting, knitting, and more.

Additional Web Tools & Resources

Social Marketing

I have used a number of social marketing tools over the years but Tailwind has truly been the best investment for me. Since they are endorsed by Pinterest, there are no spam concerns, and I always see growth in my account when I use their service.

Stock Photography

There are a number of websites that offer beautiful free stock photos that you can use for your website, business materials, as reference photos for your artwork, and more. Just be sure to read usage terms on each respective website.

Some photographers give away free stock photos monthly in exchange for your email address. Below are some that I use:

You can download stock photos and graphics for free on Freepik.com.

And then there’s always Shutterstock and Adobe Stock for purchase.